In this season of year-end giving, you may be considering options on the best way to conclude the year. With various tools in place, our Foundation staff is available to assist you in determining what works best for your particular needs.

We look forward to launching new giving instruments in the spring, which include Donor Advised Funds and the 2020 Legacy Match. The 2020 Heifer Legacy Match will help propel our work toward our goal of helping 4 million families achieve living wage by 2020.

After an exciting year for the Heifer Foundation—as we topped $100 million in assets for the first time—you can now find the Annual Report on our website here. Please contact us to receive a hard copy or the digital version by emailing or by calling 888.422.1161.

Thank you for creating change for families around the world. With your extraordinary generosity, 3.6 million families started realizing the benefits of living self-reliant lives in fiscal year 2016. More details are available in the Heifer Annual Report here.