As a youngster, Kurtz Hersch learned about Heifer from founder Dan West during a trip to Camp Bethel. Kurtz’s father Orville was one of the famed Seagoing Cowboys and told stories of tending to livestock on voyages to Greece and Italy in the mid-1940s.

Growing up in a family of small-scale farmers, Kurtz learned the importance and impact of Heifer’s work. The family farm in Manassas, Virginia, known as the Hersch Fun Farm, welcomed thousands of schoolchildren over the years. During each tour, Hersch family members introduced young visitors to Heifer’s work using a poster in the dairy barn.

When pieces of the farm sold, the family donated the first 10 percent to Heifer. With wishes to continue giving, Kurtz and his wife Reva established a charitable gift annuity through Heifer Foundation. The family’s history is intertwined with Heifer’s. Their long-term support is evidence of their commitment to our mission.