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Heifer Foundation Board of Trustees

Heifer Foundation’s nine member Board of Trustees is a forward thinking dynamic group of professionals from diverse backgrounds in the business, agriculture, academic and private sectors. Sustaining the mission of Heifer Foundation to support Heifer International’s work, they are strong advocates and share their knowledge and skills in investments, finance, estate planning, fundraising, setting strategic direction and institutional management. They are passionate stewards of the funds entrusted to Heifer Foundation, seeking to protect those funds and find innovative ways to grow the endowments while fulfilling the Foundation's mission.

Heifer Foundation 2016 Board of Trustees
Heifer Foundation 2020 Board of Trustees (from left): Joy Basu, Elizabeth Bawden, Ardyth Neill (Foundation President), Tom Nickell, Martha Brantley, Nikolaus Hutter, Liz Weindruch, George Petty (Chair), and Teresa Dunbar. Not pictured: Sarah Alexander and Susan Grant

Board of Trustees

Trustees Emeriti

  • Stephanie Buckley
  • Miller Davis
  • Richard Eyre
  • Don Hammond
  • Patty Jischke
  • Craig Leventon
  • Ron McLean
  • Roger Natzke
  • C. Douglas Smith
  • Ken Steiner
  • Norm Doll
  • Allen Berry
  • Joan G. Cleveland
  • Lionel Derencourt
  • Susan Eyre
  • James Howell
  • Carol Keeling
  • Bayard Livingston
  • Dr. Barrie O' Bannon
  • Cecilia Stallcop
  • Charles Stewart
  • Trevor Tomkins
  • Gwen Morgan
  • Doug Nunn
  • Gary Cooper
  • William Eykamp
  • Dr. Marion Hammarlund
  • Jane Jennings
  • Rev. Mark Lancaster
  • Jo Luck
  • Jewell Murphy
  • Fred Stallcop
  • Lowell Watts
  • Arlene Withers

Trustees Emeriti In Memoria

  • Bill Appelgate
  • Dorothy Appelgate
  • Joan Brandt
  • Dr. E.R. Henning
  • Dee Bennet Lewis
  • Mahlon Martin
  • Dr. Ronald Stenning
  • Ursula Bartel
  • Dr. Tom Bruce
  • Richard C. Butler
  • Carole Hillard
  • Walter Lewis
  • Steve Mondora
  • Charles Taylor
  • Willard Bartel
  • Dan Clifton
  • Majorie Kreager
  • Marvel Lund
  • Charles Postel
  • Gloria Postel
  • Dr. Randolph Murphy